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What is the estimated cost to open an IFDC Franchised Operation?
The typical, total investment required to open an IFDC franchise is between $86,778.00 and $117,750.00, depending on the size of your market, the location of your office, the furniture, equipment and software purchased and the physical layout of your office.

Are franchisees required to have an Information Technology or Computer background?
No. Successful IFDC Franchisees come from a variety of professional backgrounds. To help our new franchisees in all phases of the document imaging and management business, new owners are required to complete our comprehensive six to seven day training course at IFDC’s training facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Tailored to the exacting needs of the individuals in attendance, this course is designed to provide a new franchisee with the necessary tools to open, manage and market an ImageStoreHouse service bureau. With our "hands on" training you will be able to open your office with complete knowledge of the IFDC system, business management skills and computer/document handling requirements needed to operate and succeed. IFDC makes available continuing training for all of its franchisees.

What is a Franchisee? How does it differ from a non-branded independent business?
Simply put, the IFDC franchisee program is a strategic alliance among like-minded business people all sharing brand identification and proven business and marketing techniques – a business model with strict control over all facets of the business including esthetics, operations, marketing, pricing and branding. IFDC operates exclusively as a franchise program.

What is the Difference between IFDC and ImageStoreHouse?
Most national franchise companies operate separately from their “brand name”. QFA Royalties, LLC sells Quizno’s franchises. Subway franchises are sold by Doctor’s Associates, Inc. Similarly, ImageStoreHouse franchises are sold and managed by ISH Franchise Development Company, LLC or IFDC. ImageStoreHouse is the “brand” name under which all IFDC franchises operate.

What is the Royalty and Marketing/Advertising Fee?
The Royalty Fee is 6% of gross sales, less sales/use tax and promotional discounts. The franchise royalty is paid monthly. The Marketing Fee is 2.25% of gross sales, less sales/use tax and promotional discounts. This Marketing Fee pays for the production and distribution of newsletters, trade shows, marketing strategies, advertising plans and the development of professional marketing materials. Both the Royalty and Marketing Fees are paid monthly.

Does your program offer consultation and business training?
Yes. ISH provides a comprehensive training program that focuses on all aspects of our business. This often includes technical and product preparation, marketing, finance, cash management, human resources, customer service, loss prevention and real estate among other topics. We can also work with you as your business grows, providing expert analysis and consultation to help you succeed.

What is the IFDC Franchise Opportunity?
IFDC provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to own and operate a franchised ImageStoreHouse document imaging service bureau utilizing the foundation of our successful startup program. It is an exciting business model that aligns entrepreneurs with a proven and structured start-up program in one of the fastest growing businesses in the U.S. and world. It provides an established technical and operational system that eliminates the struggle and hardships of learning on your own. It provides cost-saving buying power benefits (economies of scale) from our established vendor relations. Franchising with a proven technical and operational foundation means immediate and reliable functionality.

What kind of assistance will I receive from IFDC?
We assist you in each phase of the startup of your business and beyond – from your office's location and interior design, to extensively training you and your employees and seeing you through the grand opening. Furthermore, we provide on-going support by periodically visiting your operation, sending information about updated operational procedures and equipment and continuing promotions and sales support.

Why choose ImageStoreHouse over starting my own?
The success and strength from the established program that IFDC offers comes from our experience in this industry. We have learned what works and you benefit from our hard work and extensive knowledge. We are also able to provide ongoing support services from industry professionals and we offer continuing development opportunities for personal and professional growth. We have the right resources, knowledge, technical and operational experience from building, owning and operating on of the nation’s preeminent document imaging and management operations. You will skip the expensive and time consuming mistakes and learning curves associated with doing it on your own. You have access to a support team that can provide you ongoing technical, operational and marketing assistance. Implementation of our system is streamlined to maximize your budget and operating capital.

May I open multiple centers?
IFDC encourages its franchisees to strive for multiple-center ownership, subject to availability and eligibility criteria. Ask your local IFDC representative about our unique Multiple Center Option program.

Do I get a protected territory?
Absolutely! You are protected within a to-be-determined radius of your location, based upon population, size or industry.

What is the term of the Agreement?
The initial franchise agreement is for a term of five years, renewable for up to two additional five year terms.

Where can I Open an IFDC Franchise?
There are many prime areas available across the United States. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the areas in which you are interested to determine if your proposed location satisfies our business requirements and demographics.

Is financing available and how much cash is required for opening?
Obtaining financing for your IFDC Franchise and equipment is one of the steps that you will need to complete. IFDC has qualified personnel that can put you in contact with various IFDC-approved lenders who are interested in funding IFDC projects. Whether you are interested in an SBA loan guaranteed by the Small Business Administration, a conventional business loan or equipment leasing, IFDC has a source available to you. In deciding the amount of funds you feel comfortable investing in your IFDC operation, please be aware that most banks look for you, the "startup" franchisee, to inject a minimum of 30% into the business.

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