The IFDC Franchisee Network

Economies of Scale Achieved, and Shared with Franchisees
IFDC has developed supply programs for equipment, fixtures, furnishings, signs, supplies, insurance, marketing, advertising and public relations services required by its franchisees. These supply programs furnish the franchisee/Franchisee network with the advantages of combined purchasing power generally enjoyed only by a large company with a network of company-owned outlets. While preferred vendors have been identified, the procurement team continually reviews agreements with current vendors and seeks proposals from potential vendors to ensure that The Company receives the best prices, terms and quality of product. In addition, IFDC franchisees have access to the financial forecasting, business plan development and financial/funding services offered by Business³ Consulting.

Insurance, Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
IFDC has engaged the services of Business³ Consulting (B³), a national marketing and public relations firm. B³ handles all of The Company’s advertising and marketing and is responsible for the training of each franchisee in each aspect of marketing and promoting their ImageStoreHouse Service Bureau. Insurance and other business discounts are earned through IFDC and passed along to our franchisee network.

Brand Name
ImageStoreHouse continues to increase its national brand-name recognition in the document imaging marketplace – with company awareness and an increase in market share growing everyday.

Marketing & Advertising
The IFDC marketing program is similar to the proven programs employed by industry giants in document imaging and electronic document management. ISH’s proven, national marketing–advertising–sales programs are by far the most effective methods of promoting a nation-wide network of imaging and document management Franchisees/franchisees and their stores.

IFDC’s initial marketing program focuses on assisting franchisees at the local level with in-the-field marketing assistance, usable, effective marketing brochures and a marketing help line to assist our franchisees with all aspects of marketing their business. Concurrent with our marketing at the franchisee level is a corporate focus on national name recognition and a planned, controlled increase in local, regional and national market share.

A Protected Territory
When you purchase your IFDC franchise, your territory is protected as defined in the UFDD and the Franchise Agreement.

Limited Capital Investment
The IFDC franchise is one of the most affordable business opportunities in the marketplace today. The initial fee gives the IFDC franchisee an exclusive territory in which to develop his/her business and includes everything needed to open the doors.

A Proven System
You will benefit from the knowledge and experience of IFDC’s experienced management and marketing professionals.

Site Selection
Through its regional marketing managers, operations managers and Progress Agents (PA’s), IFDC provides assistance with site selection.

An important consideration in purchasing an IFDC franchise is how to finance the investment. A good arrangement is to have 50% of the total capital requirements available in cash and sufficient collateral to obtain funding for the balance. A member of IFDC’s development staff will provide potential franchisees with the necessary guidance to select a qualified financing source including the possible securement of an SBA loan.

Equipment Leasing
In addition to providing guidance to potential IFDC franchisees in securing financing for an IFDC franchise, an equipment-leasing program is available to approved IFDC franchisees. The initial capital requirements for major equipment can be reduced by taking advantage of IFDC’s equipment leasing program.

Research and Development
IFDC’s Research and Development department works closely with Kodak, Fujitsu, Böwe Bell + Howell, Canon and other ISH-approved vendors – testing imaging products and software.

Support – Technical, Operations and Marketing
The IFDC Operations Center and your assigned IFDC representative provide answers to all of your questions, solutions to your operating, marketing and technical/equipment problems and ongoing support and assistance to you in your store. Your operations manager will work with you individually on all aspects of improving your business.

Royalties and Fees
Unlike most of its national competitors, the royalties (only 6%) and advertising fees (only 2.25%) charged by IFDC represent a nominal charge and do not adversely affect our franchisee’s ability to earn a good profit on their IFDC operations.

Purchasing Power
As an IFDC franchisee, you benefit from our national buying power and our ability to obtain the best possible prices Kodak, Fujitsu, Böwe Bell + Howell, Canon and other ISH-approved vendors.

Growth Industry
Become a member of a leading organization in one of the most dynamic growth industries in the world.

Your Own IFDC Franchise
Enjoy the rewards of self-employment while benefiting from being part of a successful marketing system.
Service Bureau Design
IFDC provides work flow and floor plan schematic and designs to assist the IFDC franchisee in the design and construction of the most cost-effective, functional operation for a particular location. ImageStoreHouse Service Bureaus are designed to meet several objectives, including the ability to:

  • Enhance the ImageStoreHouse image
  • Present the products and services to their best advantage
  • Facilitate easy maintenance and increase efficiencies
  • Conserve energy, both economically and physically
  • Provide proper and efficient work flow

IFDC Equipment Parts and Supplies
The IFDC operations center provides a full line of replacement parts for the machines and equipment necessary to operate your business.

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