Four Short Steps to Owning an IFDC Franchise

Step 1 – Become an IFDC Franchisee

  • Complete, sign and submit “IFDC U.S. Franchisee Application”
  • Complete, sign and submit “IFDC Non-Disclosure Agreement”
  • Review the IFDC Franchisee Agreement and IFDC’s Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Meet with your designated IFDC Service Bureau Development Representative (SDR).
  • If IFDC is right for you, sign the Franchisee Agreement and complete the purchase of your IFDC franchise and equipment.

Step 2 – Complete Phase One and Two Training and Site Improvements

  • If applicable, work with the ImageStoreHouse support team to find a location, or
  • If you already have selected or you already have a location, meet with your designated ImageStoreHouse SDR to discuss on-site improvements and/or modifications.
  • Complete “Phase One – Pre-Opening” and “Phase Two – In the ISH Offices” Training, at the ISH Corporate Training Center and Offices in Jacksonville, Florida. This training is required and designed to help you with all aspects of setting up, operating and marketing your new ImageStoreHouse Franchisee.
  • Make requisite improvements as necessary to your office.
  • Purchase, set up and install equipment.
  • Set up office and workflow area as required.

Step 3 – Complete Phase Three Training

  • Complete “Phase Three – Franchisee Office Training”. You and the members of your team will do a final walk-through of your Franchisee location and do a complete recap of all operating and marketing training learned in the Jacksonville offices.

Step 4 – Open Your IFDC Franchisee

  • An IFDC Operations Manager and a member of our marketing team will be assigned to you to help support your Franchisee operation prior to opening and during the first several days of your business.
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