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In today’s economy, more people than at any time in history are relying on themselves for job security. They want to be in control of their jobs, lives and destiny. If they lose their job/company, they want it to be their own fault, not the fault of poor management by the executives of a large company. That is why every eight minutes someone takes the leap and starts their own business!

Note: This is generally the section where unknowing or unscrupulous franchisors tout statistics about the Franchisee industry – making statements such as: “Although approximately two-thirds of all new non-franchised small businesses fail within the first five years” or “Franchised businesses have a 97% success rate!” They reference the U.S. Department of Commerce and/or the U.S. Small Business Administration as the source of these statistics.

The problem is that neither the U.S. Department of Commerce nor the U.S. Small Business Administration ever issued these oft-quoted statistics. The statistics regarding the high failure rates of independent businesses or the low failure rates of franchised businesses have never been definitively validated. Recently, the International Franchise Association issued a memorandum to its members acknowledging the invalidity of the statistics, and instructing them to stop using them. However, there remain more than 100 Franchisee websites and brochures, as well as dozens of articles from respected trade publications, which tout these untrue statistics.

With franchising, people are in business for themselves but not by themselves. They can have control of their own business while at the same time receiving a lot of support. The underlying danger of the “All Franchisees are successful” myth is that it implies that the Franchisee system itself is what will account for your success or failure. In most cases, it is not the system, but your continual implementation of that system that will determine your success or failure.

IFDC began its ImageStoreHouse franchise operations during the third quarter of 2008. Prospective Franchisees/Franchisees consider many factors when deciding on a business venture including:

  • An industry that has positive growth history – yet is not saturated;
  • A concept that is proven – yet unique enough to stand out from the crowd; and
  • A business that is simple to start up and maintain – yet provides a challenge.

An experienced team of business executives and marketing specialists developed the IFDC Franchisee, Master Franchisee and Progress Agent programs. They created a sound plan that is beneficial to the each franchisee, Master Franchisee and Progress Agent as well as to The Company. IFDC provides an opportunity that is unmatched in the industry.

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