Engineering companies face the challenge of constantly being out of the office traveling from location to location-performing site surveys, reviewing designs, etc. They must also provide timely updated versions of their work to multiple users simultaneously when they are part of a development team.  

Because our system is web-based, there no longer is a need to figure out which drawings you’re going to need for that next trip or how you will share that information with the other members of the team.  

Our system provides the flexibility to instantaneously retrieve any type of document or drawing, real-time and on-line. By utilizing password security and encryption for indexed data and images you can be assured that only those individuals to whom you have granted access will view your information.

Having the flexibility to distribute CAD, Auto-CAD and other engineering drawings in a read-only format to multiple users all at one time and the ability to retrieve them from any web-enabled computer, has proven extremely beneficial and innovative for all companies using the system.

Possible Applications for Electronic Record Retention:

Operations - CAD Drawings, Spec Sheets, Engineering Drawings, Site Plans.

Safety - Accident Reports, Loss and Damage Reports.

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