The key component that has driven the cost and success of the retail industry is the ability to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. One of the major factors in accomplishing this is the timely distribution of sales management information. Too often companies are bogged-down in the monthly distribution and collateral internal sales reporting of “what’s hot and what’s not”. In most companies, this information is mass produced at the corporate office and mailed to salespeople for cross-sells, up-sells, management reviews, conference calls customers meetings, etc.

With the ImageStoreHouse’s Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) you can eliminate the mass production and distribution process by having the original documents captured in an electronic format where they can be instantaneously retrieved, real-time and on-line. By utilizing password security and encryption for indexed data and images all users have quick and easy access to these critical documents or any other information readily available on-line. Along with this, utilizing an ASP provides the flexibility for multiple users to simultaneously access the same customer information from any web-enabled computer around the world.

Possible Applications for Electronic Record Retention:

Finance - Accounts Payable and Receivable, Financial Reports, Cancelled Checks,Remittance Advice.

Human Resources - Employee Records, Union Contract, Medical Benefit
Information, Seniority Rosters.

Operations - Delivery Records, Purchase Orders, Shipping Tickets, Trailer Registrations.

Legal  - Legal Documents.

Safety - Accident Reports, Loss and Damage Reports, Self-Insurance Records.

Research and Development - Testing Data and Articles.

Sales and Marketing - Sales Reporting, Contracts, Price Lists, Tariffs, Special Price Quotations.

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