Manufacturers are discovering they must reduce costs and increase administrative efficiencies to remain competitive.  

Manufacturers using ImageStoreHouse’s Electronic Document Management Systems have found they can significantly reduce costs and inefficiencies relating to document storage and retrieval. Our system allows company’s to store documents electronically thereby eliminating costs found with traditional paper archive systems.

The flexibility of the system spans the gamut from engineers who like having the ability of distributing CAD and engineering drawings in a read-only format to multiple users all at one time, to the accountants and bookkeepers who like the ease and simplicity of instantly accessing invoices, purchase orders, financial reports and proof of delivery notices.

The scalability of our systems is important in that it provides a cost-effective migration from your legacy systems allowing you to implement our system by group or department, one at a time or several together following a logical workflow process. Many times additional cost-savings are recognized after the system has been implemented within a department.

Possible Applications for Electronic Record Retention:

Finance - Accounts Payable and Receivable,Financial Reports, Cancelled Checks, Remittance Advice.

Human Resources - Employee Records, Union Contract, Medical Benefit
Information,Seniority Rosters.

Operations - Purchase Orders, Shipping Tickets.

Legal  - Legal Documents.

Safety - Accident Reports, Loss and Damage Reports, Self-Insurance

Research and Development - Testing Data and Articles.

Sales and Marketing - Sales Reporting, Contracts, Price Lists, Tariffs, Special Price Quotations.

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