The Railroad industry has been forced to endure a vast number of changes in getting today’s manufactured goods and materials to the nations retail outlets. They have also been forced to address safety and work rule issues that are far greater than their predecessors. With these changes they have been forced to produce and retain more documentation to demonstrate, if necessary, that they are meeting the federally imposed guidelines, but also timely bill and collect from their customers.

In the field, the operations department must address on-going issues relating to daily activities. Employees participating in safety rule training must be properly documented; equipment inspections must be performed and documented, accidents and incidents which take place in yard or on line-of road must be documented. All of these activities are items that must be reported at regular intervals. With the ImageStoreHouse’s Electronic Document Management System(EDMS) you have quick and easy access to these critical documents which not only will help manage the day-to-day activities, but also assist in the reporting process. The responsibility for maintaining and managing the volume of information that is produced from all of these activities, if not done consistently and effectively, can cost millions.  

The Railroad Engineering department can face a similar challenge as they travel from location to location performing site surveys, reviewing track designs, looking over equipment designs or high-railing a territory. Because our system is web-based, there no longer is a need to figure out which drawings you’re going to need for that next trip.  

Our system provides the flexibility to instantaneously retrieve any type of document or drawing, real-time and on-line. By utilizing password security and encryption for indexed data and images you can be assured that only those individuals to whom you have granted access will view your information.

Possible Applications for Electronic Record Retention:
Operations - CAD Drawings, Specification Sheets, Engineering Drawings
Site Plans Safety - Accident Reports, Loss and Damage Reports

One of the most unique opportunities within the railroad industry for utilizing Electronic Document Management resides at the first step of the railcar movement process, the creation of bill of lading records for car movements. By implementing our process at this step in the operation, multiple departments can continuously monitor information gathered for moving railcars, timely prepare accounts receivable billing, easily track railcars which placed at a customers location and/or released from customers to determine what if any the per diem charges apply.

The use of “Spot and Pull” records from the train crews have also been a very successful tool for several departments in that once again you can quickly review the official documents on work provided by the train crew, the ones who drop-off and pick-up all railcars from your customers. By capturing the train crew’s records, you can confirm with a great level of certainty that the information you see parallels what actually happened.

The scalability of our systems provides a cost-effective migration from your legacy systems allowing you to implement our system by group or department, one at a time or several together, following a logical workflow process. Many times additional cost-savings are recognized after the system has been implemented within a department.

Possible Applications for Electronic Record Retention:

Finance - Accounts Payable and Receivable, Financial Reports, Cancelled Checks, Remittance Advice.

Human Resources - Employee Records, Union Contracts, Medical Benefit
Information, Seniority Rosters.

Operations - Bills of Lading, Car Placement Records, Car Release Records, Interchange Records, Purchase Orders, Trailer Registration, Freight Car/Intermodal/Car Hire Records.

Legal  - Legal Documents.

Safety - Accident Reports, Loss and Damage Reports, Self-Insurance.

Records Research and Development - Testing Data and Articles.

Sales and Marketing - Sales Reporting, Contracts, Price Lists, Tariffs, Special Price Quotations.

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