Consolidations, mergers and the necessity to delegate or de-centralize client work has put pressure on many law firms to maximize there most critical legal assets. This has created the need for a cost-effective way for attorneys to access and share critical client information. Law firms have seen the necessity transform their practices.

Traditionally, law firms by their very nature are paper intensive. Many firms are faced with the frustration of not being able to put their hands on a specific file when needed. File-hoarding, poor file management and file redundancy are all contributing factors in this largely paper environment.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent yearly on case management. Because paper evidence is the cornerstone of litigation, attorneys and staffers spend a large portion of their time creating, filing, storing, managing, and retrieving legal documents. Most legal work resides on paper and storage costs which can quite often become one of the largest expenses for many law firms.

With the ImageStoreHouse’s Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) you can eliminate the mass production and distribution process by having the original documents captured in an electronic format where they can be instantaneously retrieved, real-time and online. By utilizing password security and encryption for indexed data and images all users have quick and easy access to these critical documents or any other information readily available online. Along with this, utilizing an ASP provides the flexibility for multiple users to simultaneously access the same customer information from any web-enabled computer around the world.

Possible Applications for Electronic Record Retention:

Directly create, control, access, track and manage documents.

Work-in-process platform to manage your clients work product.

The ability to securely share client case files, memorandums, attorneys notes, correspondence and tasks.

Share critical business content with their colleagues and clients.

Communicate and exchange critical legal information across the firm.

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