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ImageStoreHouse (ISH) employs cutting-edge,state-of-the-art document imaging, electronic storage and Internet retrieval services. Combining second wave Application Service Provider (ASP) technology with the power of the Internet, we offer an online solution for document management. We provide our clients with access to our server hardware and our own customized indexing & retrieval software and are responsible for maintaining and upgrading this hardware and software.

ImageStoreHouse offers complete management, work flow and imaging conversion services for any document. With a single keystroke from any computer connected to the Internet, the ImageStoreHouse data storage and management system immediately recalls digitally stored business information. Through our firewalls and security systems, our clients have the power to view, print or electronically transmit “exact” copies of their secure, filed information.

Data storage and document indexing are custom-designed to meet the exacting needs of each of our clients, allowing them the flexibility to file and retrieve their data via client-defined, simple (or complex)definitions and designations. Any file can be indexed and retrieved via any number of client-defined “field” criteria (i.e., date, name,invoice number, etc.).

Our expansion into the international market is complemented by our dynamic business process which affords us the ability to address the varied needs of our clients.

Any business that is paper intensive is a candidate for our electronic document management solutions. ImageStoreHouse products and services are utilized in hundreds of applications and accessed by millions of people worldwide.

The seasoned specialists at ImageStoreHouse are accomplished professionals with decades of information technology experience and a track record of project success. Our mission statement and company vision reflect our personal and corporate ethics, business direction and uncompromising values. We believe that we are the best at what we do and strive to provide the finest services at a fair and equitable price.

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