Scanning & Indexing - Features & Benefits

Cost effective
Minimal capital investment

No maintenance personnel

Reduces storage costs
Approximately 23,000 archived documents can be stored on a single CD.

As many as 10 file drawers of archived documents can now be stored on one CD.

Reduces Document Management Costs
Document retrieval becomes almost instantaneous.

Staff time wasted looking for documents, and then returning them to the files, is eliminated.

It is virtually impossible to lose or misfile a document that has been indexed with three keywords or numbers.

Document filing is easily managed through accurate indexing, and documents are refiled instantly at the click of a mouse button.

System can accommodate any type of paper or electronic document
Invoices, proof of delivery, blueprints, x-rays, CAD drawings, mails, and more.

Scan-on-Demand services & storage facility provides access to stored paper documents on-line upon request.

Scanning only what you need when you need it reduces scanning and document retrieval costs.

Increases Security of Documents
Electronic backups can be made and kept off-site.

Access to files at home or on the road 24 hours a day.

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