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ImageStoreHouse's development team has been delivering highly effective document imaging solutions for over 10 years. Their experience and expertise in this area of software engineering and system design has helped many organizations implement powerful tools to manage document storage and retrieval. The team's "we can do it" attitude stems from the confidence gained through many successful project implementations. The experience gained in providing solutions to a broad range of industries is evident in the quality of the end product.

Electronically indexing and imaging documents captured from an in-house system via the application's print stream. This solution offers 100% accuracy while offering incredible speed and minimal human intervention.

COLD capture programs.

Document Archival viewer using searchable CD-ROM media. No installation required, just insert the CD and it's ready to use.

Document workflow solutions to electronically organize, coordinate, and rout documents along the paper trail until it reaches it's final storage destination in the document imaging system.

Auto indexing and routing of Faxed documents via Fax Servers. Sophisticated Logic, Inc. can provide industry-strength solutions for your entire document imaging needs.

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