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Workflow is an automation of business processes in an electronic document routing system based upon a pre-defined set of rules defined as procedures. It allows people to work faster, more accurately, and more efficiently than was ever possible with traditional paper processing by routing documents among users according to custom-defined rules and processes. Documents are guided through the business process using these rules and actions routing them to the next step immediately as each increment of work is completed.

The ImageStoreHouse Workflow specialists work closely with your project planners and other users of the system to diagram the tasks involved in your current processes to create a successful workflow solution that:

Automates your paper shuffle, effectively routing information to
appropriate persons while being flexible enough to handle exceptions to the rules.

Automatically reminds staff of required tasks and notifies supervisors of action and inaction

Treats your staff as responsible workers whose time is better spent
making decisions than making copies.

Streamlines document-handling procedures without placing undue
restrictions on the way your staff works

Provides staff with a clear indication of personal responsibilities.

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