Scanning & Indexing

At ImageStoreHouse, we have our own scanning equipment and trained personnel who prepare and scan your documents. Then we use our own technologically advanced indexing software, which allows us to more efficiently index your documents because we customize the indexing requirements to your specific needs. In the final step in our scanning and indexing process, our quality control specialists ensure that every stored copy is indexed properly and is an exact reproduction of the original.

Because we manage and control the entire digital storage process, we have complete flexibility in our service offerings – providing our services bundled or unbundled; at our facilities or at yours or a hybrid.

There is virtually no limit to the size or type of document that can be scanned and/or indexed by ImageStoreHouse. "Documents" also refers to pictures, posters, brochures, X-rays, MRI’s, etc. – which can be scanned to your specifications.

We can handle any document of any size, from a small receipt to an original as large as an E-size technical drawing, including, but not limited to, the following:

Signed Contracts
Credit Applications
Credit Reports
Vendor Invoices
Purchase Orders
Accounts Payable Records
Accounts Receivable Records
Bills of Lading or Proofs of Delivery
Patient or Customer Records
Client and Employee Records
Business and Tax Records
Photographs and X-Rays
Email and Email Attachments
MS Documents
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
Visio Files
CAD Files

The next step after your documents have been scanned is to index them so that individuals or applications can retrieve them based on some key information about those documents. Because we use our own proprietary software, we do not employ a “cookie cutter” method of indexing documents. Your documents are indexed based upon customized criteria set by you.

For example, an invoice could be retrieved via customer number, invoice number, date received, date invoiced, etc. There are many applications for our services, and our professional account representatives will help guide you to determine the number and type of indexing fields that will be most efficient to your organization. You may need only three fields or more than a dozen – whatever you choose, it is certainly many more than a typical paper filing system allows you to use!

Additionally, security elements may be placed on the document so that only authorized individuals may have access to the document. Once these elements are tagged to a document, it goes through our stringent Quality Control System (QCS) where our quality control specialists ensure that every stored copy is indexed properly and is an exact reproduction of the original. After it has successfully passed through our QCS, the document is ready to be stored in the format of your choosing for ready access by your authorized users.

The Features & Benefits of Scanning & Indexing

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