Document Management

ImageStoreHouse is unique in that we are the only company that provides a comprehensive, end-to-end electronic document management solution. We perform all of the requisite services to transform your paper documents, electronic files, photographs, charts, blueprints, etc. from their original, cumbersome form into digitally stored files. Electronic document storage allows our clients the ease and convenience of accessing their documents from any web-enabled computer by a few simple keystrokes.

At ImageStoreHouse, our business is service beyond technology. That is why we continuously strive to provide the best service possible and are completely responsible to you, our client, for the accuracy, timelines and delivery of each of our applications. Because we manage and control the entire digital storage process, we have complete flexibility in our service offerings – providing our services bundled or unbundled; at our facilities, at yours or a hybrid.

We treat our clients as individuals. Each client has requirements that are unique and specific to its industry and even to each company within the same industry. We begin each project with a discovery phase, during which we have detailed discussions regarding who will be using the system; how they will be using it; workflow; data sensitivity and budgetary considerations. We consider each of these factors both individually and collectively when determining our recommendations to best serve you.

Scanning and Indexing

We have our own scanning equipment and trained personnel who prepare and scan your documents. Then we use our own technologically advanced indexing software, which allows us to more efficiently index your documents because we customize the indexing requirements to your specific needs. In the final step in our scanning and indexing process, our quality control specialists ensure that every stored copy is indexed properly and is an exact reproduction of the original.

Storage and Retrieval

We store your electronic files on our state-of-the-art servers utilizing the most advanced firewalls and security systems. Our own Image2000 software creates an intuitive, exceptionally user-friendly environment – anyone who can operate a mouse and is familiar with Windows can be proficient with our system in a matter of minutes. We also have a 55,000 square foot storage facility with Scan-on-Demand capabilities on site where we can store your archived paper documents; retrieve specific documents; and process them so that you can access the files on-line as required.

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